When you’re running a business, you’re so familiar with information about the industry that it’s easy to get lost in it.  As a painter, you have probably done enough jobs to have a pretty good estimate of how much you’re going to charge for a room of a certain size.  You probably have a good idea of how competitive that quote is with other painters.  You know how to tell if a paint job was done properly, and you know what people value in a painter.

It’s important to communicate all of that information to the customer – but not as important as you might think.  For many customers, what really matters is that you quickly establish an emotional connection with them.  If they like you and trust you, they’ll work to find the facts they need to justify hiring you.  Consider this – over 80% of people don’t read online content – they skim it.  And if they don’t see something that keeps their attention in the first seven seconds or so, they move along to another website.

How do you make an impression in seven seconds?  That requires great visuals.  When customers see pictures of great paint jobs you’ve completed, they feel like they’ll get similar results with their own house.  That’s why it’s so important to include high-resolution images of your work on your marketing, whether on your website, on Facebook, or even on flyers.  Great visuals of your own work will make a much better impression than any stock photo.

The good news is that it’s not as hard as it used to be to get high quality photos.  High-end (and even mid-level) smartphones have excellent cameras and take care of much of the focusing and stabilization without you having to worry about it.  If you’re working on a paint job that you think is really making a house look great, make sure to get a few photos before you leave!

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