If you own a painting contractor business, you probably know that many consumers find local businesses online.  And if you’ve ever bought website services from someone who doesn’t know much about painting or search engine optimization, you’ve probably also learned that it’s not easy to show up in the organic search results.  After all, every other painting contractor in town wants to show up, too, and there’s only so much space on the first page of Google.

You’ve probably also been told by a website provider that they’ll get you results if you’ll just pay them for a few more months.  Sure, it takes time to show up on Google – but how much time does it really take?

The short answer is that it will take at least three to six months.  Your website might show up further down the rankings in the first few months, but if your domain is brand new, it really will take some time to get a first or second page ranking in the organic search results – and that’s if you’re doing everything right.

To get results within a quarter or two, your website needs plenty of content about your painting services.  It needs to be well written; Google needs to see that it’s written for humans, not just a bunch of repeated keywords designed to trick search engines.  Your website should include images and be linked to other websites relevant to painting.  Ideally, your website provider will help you get some legitimate links back to your site, which also helps with visibility.

If you want to get the fastest results, there are a few things your provider can’t do without your help.   The most important is setting up your Google My Business account; it’s free, and if you don’t have up-to-date, accurate information about your business here, Google is likely to leave your website very low in the rankings. If you are uncertain, we wrote a blog about getting set up on Google My Business.

Another way to boost your search results (and, more importantly, the number of calls you get) is asking for Google reviews from your satisfied painting customers.  Businesses with a strong number of positive reviews are more likely to search well.  They are also far more likely to get called by the potential customers who find them online.

One of the most important parts of searching well is to have one website.  Obviously, you’re not going to get found easily without a web presence.  But if you have multiple websites, you’re going to have problems.  Google doesn’t like uncertainty because it really doesn’t like delivering bad information. If you’ve got five web addresses and it can’t figure out which one is the “official” one, it’s not likely to show any of them.

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