We’ve said before that it’s better to not answer a customer’s call than to respond in a setting where you can’t give them your full attention.  This is because it’s better to lose a potential customer without them having ever met you, than to have a person who has met you over the phone decide they didn’t like you.  After all, a person can spread a negative opinion about your business even if they never hired you.

Having said that, it’s important to note that response time is extremely important if you want to convert your painting leads to sales.  Consider this – according to the Harvard Business Review, companies who respond to a lead within the first hour of receiving it are seven times more likely to have a good conversation with the lead than those who respond after an hour.  Why?  Simple – an hour later, they’ve already filled their schedule with painters who are going to visit the house and offer a quote!  There’s not much to talk about at that point.

What can you do about this?  One option is to have a text or email response ready that you can quickly use to respond, to let them know you can help them.  For instance, the text might read:

“Hi [Name], I just received your voicemail and I believe I’ll be able to help you with this job.  I will give you a call at [Time] to discuss further if this works for you.”

If the customer is just trying to get the job taken care of quickly, this lets them know that they have a quote coming from your business.  This way, they’re less likely to fill up their schedule with other quote requests and just not return your call.

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