Paint has changed plenty in the past several decades, but the process of painting hasn’t.  The paint brush has been around for 2,000 years, and the paint roller has been around since the 1940s.  They’re just as useful as they’ve ever been.

It’s not that people aren’t inventing new ways to paint.  The problem is that most of these are gimmicks aimed at people who want to paint their own house and are looking for a shortcut.  Some of these may make things a little easier for an inexperienced painter, but most of them end up causing more trouble (and mess) that they’re worth.

Occasionally, a new product comes around and makes a painter’s life a little easier. Here are a couple of new ideas for 2020, and how they might help you or your business.

Nespoli Rollmatic

Paint Rollers save plenty of time, but they also can be messy, take forever to clean and waste a good amount of paint.  Nespoli’s RollMatic product recently launched in the US and attempts to deal with all three of these problems.

When you’re done with a paint roller for the day, simply pop it off into an air-tight plastic container and click the top shut.  The paint roller stays moist and ready for re-use for up to three weeks.  When you’re ready to reuse the roller, just open the container, snap the roller on, and it’s ready to go.

Armed Work Wear Painter Pants

With so many companies trying to come up with new tools to carry, it’s surprising that nobody has put much thought into carrying them all.  When you’re working on a ladder, the last thing you want is to have to get down four times to fetch the right tool.

Armed Work Wear put some thought into this and came up with a pair of pants specifically for painters.  They didn’t focus on marketing gimmicks – they’re made of pre-shrunk cotton, not some patented fabric blend.  But they carry more of what you need, keep you safer and more comfortable, and don’t fall apart after dozens of washes. (unfortunately, the COVID-19 epidemic is causing some supply issues, so it may be a few weeks before more of these are available)

COVID-19 Spray?

American Painting Contractor recently wrote an article on a protective coating that kills COVID-19 on contact.  It’s not ready for commercial use yet, and for now the product is aimed at coating masks and gloves.  But if this spray is commercialized, it could quickly become sought after by businesses desperate to avoid an outbreak in this building.  Keep an eye on this, because if it becomes available as a paint additive or surface coating, it will be a huge opportunity for painters!

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