The internet has made it faster and easier than ever to communicate.  While this has been great for society as a whole, it’s created a major challenge for small businesses; people expect a much faster response time to questions than they did in the past.  How much faster?  Of the top 10 fastest responding large companies, none took more than 25 minutes on average to respond to a lead.

It’s an unfortunate fact that people looking for a painting contractor will often open the websites of three painters that seem qualified to do their job, request a quote from all of them – and then schedule a quote from the first one that they like on the phone.  If you’re the second or third one to respond, they might not even pick up the phone when you call back.  At this point, you have to hope that there’s something they don’t like about the first painting contractor during the quoting process in order to get a callback.

This is a problem for small businesses because most can’t afford a dedicated scheduling service that can respond to online requests in five minutes or less.  And if you handle your own scheduling and you’re on a ladder with a paint brush in hand, it’s going to be very difficult to answer a phone call, introduce yourself well, pay attention to the customer’s job, and offer a detailed response.

To help painting contractors with this, we’ve introduced a new website feature that can optionally direct your web requests to a cellphone text message.  As soon as your phone signals you have a new text message, you can quickly respond to the customer and ask for more information, schedule a callback or ask for a time that works to visit their home and provide a quote.  And because it’s handled over text, you don’t have to worry about whether you sound rushed or unfocused over the phone.

To learn about this feature, along with many other features specifically designed to get painters more business, email us at or call us at 855-385-1134.